Kinds of Lawn Mowers – Choose the Right One for Your Garden

We have all heard of lawn mowers. They are machines with a revolving blade that cut grass to the right length. With various types of lawn mowers available in the market, it can be a big challenge to pick up the right one for your garden. You need to know which grass to cut and how much effort you need for cleaning the area. Some mowers available have in-built features that require less human effort and yet trim the grass. Read on to know about four kinds of mowers and make sure you pick up the right one for cleaning the garden.

  • Reel mower – This is the most popular kind of lawn mower. Also known as manual or cylindrical mower, they are available in different sizes and perfect for trimming short grass. They have sharp blades on the revolving cylinder for trimming the grass. These consist of several features such as blade-height adjustment, handle-length settings and pneumatic tires. Since they are light in weight, they can pushed both upward and downward to cut the grass.¬†Installing lawn sprinklers also help greatly in maintenance of lawns.
  • Rotary mower – These mowers are mainly used for cutting long grass that cannot be done with cylinder ones. Rotary mowers have a blade that moves at a fast speed for trimming the grass and making the lawn smooth as they run over it. Using a rotary mower for lawn maintenance has different results as compared to reel mover since the sharp blade bends when the grass is cut.
  • Robotic mower – Robotic movers help trim the grass on their own. You need to set a margin to let the mower detect the area it has to clean. Several robotic mowers are used for trimming large areas. Robotic has a sensor that allows detecting rain and reducing the need to cut the grass. This type of mower is most suitable for the ones who wish to stay abreast with the latest technology.
  • Hover mower – These movers are the best option for small lawns. They have a rotating blade and are popular for their hovering design. Hovers are simply great for cutting and cleaning uneven lawns and far flung areas of the lawn that cannot be reached easily.

These are some of the popular lawn mowers preferred by most home owners. Get in touch with a company that deals in all types of mowers so that they are able to explain their features. This shall help you take a well informed decision. By investing your money in the right mower, you will be able to keep the lawn clean and healthy.

Window Valances – What are their different types?

Valances are a classic decorative treatment that infuses pattern and color into old and dull windows. They constitute a short drapery or metal frame that is used to cover the topmost part of windows. There are different types of valances and each of them has a unique look. By putting some effort and devoting your time, you will be able to choose the best one for your need.

  • Rod pocket valances – Rod pocket valances consist of decorative fabric at the top of windows. These valances have a simple design that allows them to be installed quickly. Hang these valances on a bare window depending upon your personal taste and choice. This will help prevent sunlight from entering your house.
  • Roll up valances – Roll up valances or stagecoach valances, consist of contrasting fabric on their reverse side and can be installed within a few hours. They give the perfect touch to your windows and leave a lasting impression in the minds of visitors. These valances help in controlling light and room temperature. You can choose either ready-made red pocket version or custom board mounted based on your requirement.
  • Swag valances – These are a kind of window coverings that have been made for creating a pleated pattern. They are amongst the most popular types of valances as they cover the sides and rods of the window completely, thereby creating a beautiful look. Swags can be placed both over a curtain and without a curtain.
  • Scarf valances – This light-weighted fabric is made of sheer material and covers the entire length of the rod from which they hang. Scarf valances can be added with other coverings to jazz up your windows. There are fewer pleats in this type of valances, lending a light and airy look to your windows. They look sophisticated if you wish to create contemporary home decor.
  • Curtain valances – Curtain valances are installed in front of the curtains by means of a separate rod. Some designs of these valances include – scalloped or layered look.
  • Cornice valances – They are made of plastic that is light in weight. These solid valances are installed on the wall through braces and brackets. They cover the top part of the window curtain rods.
  • Custom valances – Custom valances allow you to get the desired look for your windows. These valances are made of the same material like curtains or draperies and you may use another fabric or pattern to give an overall appearance.

It is advisable to conduct thorough research before deciding upon the type of valance that is best suited for your windows.

Choose Your Style of Door from Various Options

With several types and styles of doors available, it is a complicated task to decide which door will suit your home. Some doors can fit in smaller areas while the other doors may be used in the area where there is lots of light. Check different rooms in order to decide which kind of door will be best for your home. Here is a lowdown on different door options.

  • Hinged doors – These doors are commonly used in homes. One end of this door is attached by a hinge while the other end opens into and out the room with a doorknob. They are most suitable for bedrooms and bathrooms where you require complete privacy. These doors are popularly known as passage doors.
  • Sliding doors – Sliding ones are mainly used in the areas where the opening is wide, like master bedrooms and closets, to add some privacy. Sliding doors, also known as bypass doors, are made of wood. However, they do not swing open and obstruct other furniture in the room.
  • Bi fold doors – Bi fold doors, also known as Concertina doors, stand out from the rest, as you do not have to move your set of furniture during door installation. These constitute a set of doors that are hinged together and are used in areas like pantry, laundry rooms and closets.
  • Patio doors – These doors are available in different shapes and sizes based on your requirement. They are either hinged or sliding and consist of a single door or several doors. Since they are made of wood frame or glass, these doors allow natural light to enter your house. Patio doors are a great choice in the summers allowing cool air to flow in.
  • French doors – French door have a traditional design and add a sophisticated touch to your house. These are made of wooden frames that allow natural light to pass through and still provide privacy. They can be used as exterior patio doors and are great for separating different sections of your home.
    When looking for different types of doors, consider the price and style before deciding upon the one to install. Besides this, every door is unique in its own way and knowing the difference between the styles enable you to take the right decision for your home.